Western Knives

VG chef knives

VG Series knives

masamoto VG chef knives

VG series knives are Masamoto-Sohonten’s highest quality western knives, made of high-carbon stainless steel. The blade is extremely sharp, hard and longer lasting sharpness.

Material: Hyper-Molybdenum-Vanadium
Blade: Double-edged
Handle: Anti-bacterial Duracon with stainless bolster.

VG Gyuto Chef’s Knife [VG牛刀]

Masamoto VG Gyuto chef Knives 180, 210, 240, 270mm
  • VG5018 (180mm)
  • VG5021 (210mm)
  • VG5024 (240mm)
  • VG5027 (270mm)
  • VG5030 (300mm)

VG Santoku Bunka Knife [VG文化]

VG Santoku knife 180mm
  • VG5218 (180mm)

VG Petty Knife [VGペティ]

VG Petty Knife 120mm
  • VG6312 (120mm)
  • VG6315 (150mm)

VG Boning Knife (Honesuki) [VG骨透]

VG honesuki Boning Knife
  • VG5614 (145mm)

VG Slicing Knife [VG筋引]

VG Sujihiki Slicing Knife 240, 270mm
  • VG5424 (240mm)
  • VG5427 (270mm)

AT Series knives

masamoto chef knives  AT  series

More practical Western line of Masamoto. The design of the AT series is identical to the VG series.

Material: Hyper-Molybdenum-Vanadium
Blade: Double-edged
Handle: Pakker wood with stainless bolster

Masamoto wester knives Reverse of VG
Back of the blades of VT and AT knives

AT Gyuto Chef’s Knife [AT牛刀]

AT chef 240
  • AT5018 (180mm)
  • AT5021 (210mm)
  • AT5024 (240mm)
  • AT5027 (270mm)
  • AT5030 (300mm)

AT Santoku Bunka Knife [AT文化]

AT Santoku knife 180mm

AT5218 (180mm)

AT Slicing Knife [AT筋引]

AT Sujihiki Slicing Knife 240, 270mm
  • AT5424 (240mm)
  • AT5427 (270mm)

AT Boning Knife (Honesuki) [AT骨透]

AT honesuki boning

AT5614 (145mm)

AT Petty Knife [ATペティ]

AT petty 120mm
  • AT6312 (120mm)
  • At6315 (150mm)

AT Paring Knife [ATパーリング]

AT Paring Knife 85cm
  • AT6808 (85mm)
  • AT6808MH (85mm) with mahogany handle
  • Left-handed knives are available to special order.  The price will be about 50% over that of the corresponding right-handed knife.

  • We currently do not sell directly to individual customers.  If you wish to be our distributor, please contact us.