Knife Buying Guide

3 important knives Yanagiba Usua daba

Not sure which type of Japanese style knife to buy? Here is a buying guide for Cooking knives.


How to choose a knife

Selecting a kitchen knife may be a difficult decision as there are many types and materials to choose from. 

However, a lot of work can be done with just one or two knives – chopping onions, boning chicken, and skinning fish etc.  Our recommendation is to buy one good quality knife with which you feel comfortable. 

So, what is a“quality” knife?  A “quality” knife will have:

  • A sharp edge
    A knife with a razor sharp edge cuts through the fiber in a single, clean stroke and will retain the food’s natural flavour. You will be surprised how much better food looks and tastes. With a dull knife, you need extra force, and it can be dangerous.
  • Edge retention
    No matter how good a knife is, (the blade) will become dull. A cheap knife becomes dull quickly. A knife should stay sharp for a long time.
  • Hardness
    The harder the blade steel, the longer your knife will stay sharp. However, harder blade is also more prone to chipping. 

A good knife will be compromise of the two – sharp, but less prone to chipping.

  • Handle and Design
    The handle materials and fit are also important factors. Whether it is wood, composite, or stainless steel, choose the one you think is most comfortable and you can control – like an extension of your hand.